High Frequencies

hf_52The Laboratory of Electrical Measurements at high frequencies maintains our national standards for:

microwave power through the use of a microcalorimeter, which measures the efficiency of power sensors, thermistor & barretter type, for co-axial type N and 3,5 mm systems, with uncertainties better than 0,005 and 0,03, respectively and

Attenuation through the use of a standard piston attenuator, type WBCO-Waveguide below Cut-Off, with dynamic range 120dB, uncertainty better than 0,01 dB/10dB, linear range 90dB and uncertainty better than 0,001 dB/10dB.

In addition, the Laboratory operates vector network analyzers for the measurement of S-parameters in microwave networks with connectors of type N (0,045-18 GHz and 10Hz-500MHz) and type 3,5 mm (0,045-26,5 GHz), as well as a large number of measuring devices and equipment (automated system for the calibration of power sensors, generators, spectrum analyzers, oscillators, frequency counters, power counters, etc.).

The laboratory carries out calibrations of: 1) Power sensors and power meters, 2) Attenuators, 3) Spectrum analyzers, 4) Generators, 5) Frequency counters, 6) Oscillators 7) Amplifiers 8) Microwave passive devices, such as filters, dividers, etc.