Metrological Support Services

Services of metrological support are provided exclusively by expert staff of EIM and include:

1. Training and transfer of technical know-how in the fields of measurement and calibration techniques, measurement data analysis and processing including estimating the measure-ment uncertainties in testing and calibration, organizing and maintaining quality systems in calibration and testing laboratories, through:

  • Annual seminars upon open call held in Athens and the facilities of EIM in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki.
  • Seminars upon request from individual organizations either at their facilities or at EIM. The above seminars have been organized by EIM since 2001 with the participation of over 100 organizations from Greece and abroad.

2. Expert advice and consulting in metrological and quality issues, such as:

  • Evaluation and selection of measuring equipment according to specific needs and requirements.
  • Development of measurement models and uncertainty estimation in testing and calibration.
  • Development of custom measurement and calibration procedures.
  • Organizing testing, calibration and quality management systems according to international standard requirements.

3. Organization of inter-laboratory comparison measurement schemes at the national level for calibration laboratories:

  • seeking compliance with ISO 17025 requirements on technical competence and measurement quality assurance.
  • interested in evaluating their technical competence via bilateral comparisons with corresponding EIM laboratories.