Force Laboratory

The Force Laboratory, maintains state of the art facilities for the realization of the derived quantity Force, enabling calibration of force-proving devices up to accuracy class 00 according to ISO 376. The four Force Standard Machines within the laboratory enable the realization of force through:force_2

fully automated exchange of dead weights (mass)
Range 50 Ν – 110 kΝ
Relative Uncertainty 20 ppm

lever amplification (factor 10)
Range 10 kΝ – 1100 kΝ
Relative Uncertainty 100 ppm

automatic selection of hydraulic forces
Range 50 kΝ – 5000 kΝ
Relative Uncertainty 200 ppm

A number of force measuring devices which cover the full application range, including force transducers capable of measuring Fz (axial force) Mx My (lateral moments) and a build-up system (9 components) are also maintained. These devices are incorporated into a complete system of internal quality procedures for the characterization, maintenance and monitoring of the metrological status of the Force Standard Machines. Moreover, they act as force transfer standards, establishing traceability within the lab and disseminating accuracy to other machines or external laboratories.