Flow and Volume

The main tasks of the Flow & Volume Laboratory are:

  • To maintain and develop the national standards for fluid flow and volume.
  • To maintain the national traceability chain in flow and volume measurements unbroken and linked to the corresponding international standards. This is accomplished by actively participating in the works and inter-laboratory comparisons organized by the European Metrology Association (EURAMET) in the framework of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).
  • To provide traceable calibration services to private accredited  laboratories or other independent public and private institutions.
  • To issue calibration certificates for measuring equipment and instruments.
  • To provide the metrological assessment and verification of instruments subject to the regulations of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) whenever this is technically feasible.
  • To provide support and information to any interested body in issues related to metrology and particularly in flow and volume measurement.
  • To provide continuing education in metrology and particularly in flow and volume measurement and calibration of such measuring devices.
  • To be the official advisor of the Greek State in issues related to flow and volume measurements.