Dimensional Laboratory

In the Dimensional laboratory the unit of length, meter (m), is realized using two He-Ne iodine stabilized lasers. Furthermore, the laboratory is equipped with a gauge block interferometer, gauge block comparators, an autocollimator and an indexing table, a universal one dimensional measuring machine, a three dimensional coordinate measuring machine, a roundness measuring machine, as well as roughness measuring systems. Some of the calibrations and measurements performed in the laboratory are:

dim_116Lasers at 543 nm and 633 nm used in interferometry applications in dimensional measurements.

Gauge blocks of grade 00, K, 0 by laser interferometry. Measurement range 0,5 – 300 mm.

Gauge blocks by mechanical comparison. Measurement range 0,5 – 1000 mm.

Angles and optical polygons.

Roundness, cylindricity, straightness, squareness, parallelism, and roughness of various surfaces.